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Mar 07, 2012


The Backbone of Your Machine and Plant Installation, decrease Your Budget While Increasing Your Competitive Advantage

Alexanders Bildunterschrift

Murrelektronik is CONNECTIVITY. That means optimum machine and plant installations, saving time and money. We supply everything you need for this: first class products, intelligent concepts and excellent service. Based on these success factors, we work together with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your electrical installations. After all, they will become the back bone of your machine. From the initial planning up to the system support, we monitor the processes and costs. These are the benefits of our installation solutions: CONNECTIVITY increases the cost-effectiveness of your machines and plants and gives you the competitive advantage.

Every day, our CONNECTIVITY experts are out in the field. They advise our customers directly on-site with the latest applications. From our experiences, we know that through a dialog with you, we develop the best ideas and solutions which result in successful projects. We are open to new ideas, have the courage to forge new paths and consistently implement proven concepts. For example, we won’t pick a fieldbus protocol until we know which system is the best choice for you. Regarding actuators and sensors, we work with products from all manufacturers while implementing of our unique component range: We can choose from over 30,000 of our patented products that have been created for innovative, clever installations. And you can trust that our products fit together perfectly down to the smallest detail. Compatibility problems? No chance.

An important aspect of the CONNECTIVITY approach is taking the entire project into consideration, from conception through maintenance. Because there are so many correlations between the various cost pools, we analyze the complete process starting from machine and system planning on to purchasing, logistics, production, assembly and setup, through to follow-up processes like service and diagnostics. This allows us to maintain costs and achieve synergetic effects to make your systems successful.

Here’s an example to see how our CONNECTIVITY approach works:

Many systems are designed with a comprehensive actuator and sensor configuration. In this case, implementing Murrelektronik’s CONNECTIVITY installation solution is ideal! It is designed consistently with your needs in mind and saves you money.

Although upfront costs may remain the same, once the system is in place, the synergetic effects will be significant. No longer do you have to buy a huge supply of small parts, now just a few innovative, Murrelektronik components are enough. This slims down your ordering and warehousing processes and will facilitate your inventory. CONNECTIVITY not only speeds up installation but it also reduces maintenance. Many time-consuming jobs are now done quickly and with fewer components.

And once the system is operating, our installation solutions will offer you many diagnostic options. You will no longer have to look for errors, you’ll just find them! In the past, maintenance technicians had to spend a lot of time finding the causes of downtime. But with the CONNECTIVITY concept, now the errors are conveniently shown on the diagnostic PC and the problem can be fixed quickly. This is real cost effectiveness that runs throughout the whole process. And CONNECTIVITY by Murrelektronik makes it possible.

CONNECTIVITY is the difference you have been looking for. It will give you the competitive edge you need. And because CONNECTIVITY is so popular, we have expanded our team so we look forward to collaborating with you faster, more comprehensively and more efficiently!